Alert: Starting Monday November 13, the over pass into Strasburg will be closed for repairs. All traffic going south from Strasburg will need to take Hwy 36 to CR 145 {just west of the railroad bridge} then south to CR 6 and go east. Routes 52, 53, and 59 will be affected by the change. Buses will stay on the same time schedule for the morning routes. Afternoon routes may arrive at bus stops up to 15 minutes later than the normal schedule.
Close alert

Maintenance & Grounds


Office Hours: Monday through Friday

7:30am to 4:00pm

Phil Redgate

Maintenance & Grounds Director

Ph: (303) 622-9211 ext. 889

Fax: (303) 622-9224

Tony Jacobson

Maintenance Assistant

Ph: (303) 622-9211 ext. 881

Fax: (303) 622-9224