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August 16, 2017

Dear Families,

Welcome back to school. As we begin the year, I’m very pleased to announce that we will continue to cook up additional healthy changes to the school’s meal program. As you may know, Strasburg School District has partnered with LiveWell Colorado to increase our freshly prepared menu items. This fall, we will enter year five of our multi-year effort to increase the number of school meal offerings made from scratch right in our school kitchens.

In year one of our partnership, we served our students more fresh delicious and healthy meals. Some of the meal improvements we implemented last year included serving fresh fruit and vegetables at every meal and offering more entrée items freshly prepared from who ingredients including some of these homemade entrées that we now serve include Italian bake, chicken casserole, some soups, our chicken alfredo, chicken enchiladas, guacamole, pico, baked potato bar, all of our salad dressings and most of our breads and muffins. We even added a homemade yogurt parfait to our breakfast. These menu changes were well received by the students and staff. This year, your student can expect to see these additional menu enhancements:

1. Including new recipes and new scratch items whenever possible

2. Continuing to perfect our recipes

Our work to improve school meals will not interrupt our regular meal service. We will continue to offer our students meals that meet or exceed the USDA nutrition requirements.

LiveWell Colorado is a nonprofit organization committed to promoting healthy eating active living. One of its programs, the LiveWell@School Food Initiative, aims to ensure that all children in Colorado have access to and choose healthy food at school by 2022. We have joined this multi-year effort to ensure that the meals we serve in our schools are wholesome, nutritious and delicious.

We appreciate your continued support and patience along the way. We encourage you to get involved by tasting our fresh new recipes and providing feedback and joining a school food advisory team to support Strasburg transition to more freshly prepared meals.



Janet Maupin
Food Service Director of Strasburg School District



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