Advisory- Generations and Stress Part 2


AdvisoryGenerations and Stress Part 2

Our previous Advisory centered on the stresses associated with different generations. There was a report about a survey that showed Generation Z felt violence (gun violence and school violence) was the #1 stressor in their lives. We asked whether you felt that was true or not. We want to delve deeper into this topic.


Please watch this video. It is an interview with a psychiatrist who talks in more detail about the stresses of today’s youth (4:50):


  1. What do you think is the greatest stressor in your lives?
  2. How do you feel about being a generation that has grown up with less privacy due to social media?
  3. Stress is part of life, yet too much stress (or not dealing with stress) is harmful. Please keep in mind that while stress is part of everyday life, it is how we deal with it that matters- we must find healthy ways to cope with the challenges of our lives. What advice do you have about how to best deal with stress?


Here is advice from the silent generation (who studies show is the least stressed generation) about how to best deal with stress. (There are two short videos with seniors giving their advice).

Questions: 1) What do you think of their advice? Is it helpful for you today?


Finally, a very effective way to handle stress and be healthier is to get outside and exercise and appreciate nature. The Generation Wild Campaign gives a list of activities that every young adult should engage in. Please look at this list:

Questions: How many have you done? What benefits do you get from activities such as these?