Attending a Home Basketball Game



Strasburg School District Home Basketball Events Protocol


Fans – All fans and workers will have their temperature checked and will print their name on a Tracking sheet before entering the gym. There will be NO VISITING fans.


Admission –    Tickets were handed out to fans, from their basketball team, in order to stay within our restricted numbers.  Fans age 1+ and up must have tickets. This ticket MUST be presented to the person at the gate. This ticket is not to get you in free, there is an admission that you must pay. $5.00 for everyone. Please bring exact change.  We will not be accepting CHSAA, CHSCA or League Passes. Your ticket(s) is for only one game (C, JV, V).  For Strasburg fans your tickets are color coded for the game(s) (C, JV, V) you may attend. Visiting fans tickets will have the game level on them.

*** Tickets are only given to families of Basketball Players/Coaches for those games & then for Wrestling Matches tickets are given to Wrestlers/Parents.***


Mask Requirement – Masks are required to be worn at all time while inside the school. It is recommended that children 3 and up wear masks, but for individuals that are 10 and older, it is required.


Social Distancing – Social distancing is required by fans, unless you are within the same household. Bleachers will be marked where spectators may sit.


Sanitizing Seats – Fans will have access to wipes, at the admission gate, so you are able to wipe off the bleacher area you will be using. 


Entrance & Exits – Entrance to the school is at Circle Drive (same entrance as we always have used), but the exit will be a different door. There will be signs to let you  know where to exit.  


Between Games – After each game ALL fans are expected to exit immediately after the game. You will not be allowed to wait outside our gym in the Commons to wait for your athlete. You must exit the school.  The athlete will meet you at your car in the parking lot.


Coming to the game – Please do NOT enter the school 15 minutes prior to your athlete’s game time. We will try our best to keep games on time. This will allow us time to get the fans from the game out of the facility we are able to sanitize. Incoming fans for later games will not be allowed in the gym until the prior fans have left the gym. We will have an area in a hallway outside our gym to socially distance while you wait.


Concessions – There will be NO concessions available. Coolers will not be allowed in the gym.

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