Board of Education




                Join by phone:  1-346-248-7799 or 1-699-900-6833  Meeting ID:  719-394-5670



Strasburg School District Board of Education Goals and Objectives

A. Promote achievement and success for all students:

-Find, develop, and retain quality staff.

-Data based decisions that drive student achievement.

B. Ensure an effective leadership culture across the district:

-Maintain current and relevant policies.

-Develop on-boarding plan for new Board of Education members.

-Maintain a growth mindset for each Board of Education member.

C. Maximize financing that maintains the financial stability of the district:

-Align budget to support objectives in the building level Unified Improvement Plan.

-Maintain a fund balance that is equal to 15% of the total operating budget.

-Develop a strategic master plan to accommodate growth in the district.


Strasburg School District Meeting Norms

1. Be prepared so you can actively participate.

2. Active listening with objectivity, without personal agenda or bias.

3. Be a well informed and committed Board Member by participating in local/regional and state activities/issues.

4. Each of us is responsible for airing disagreements during the meeting rather than carry those disagreements outside the board meetings.

5. Focus our decisions on delivering the promise of education.

6. We are respectful and transparent in our communication.

7. We will work together as a community that values consensus rather than majority rule.

8. We will stay on point in meetings to be focused and deliberate on the outcome.



4:00 PM
Board of Education Work Session
@ ILN Room