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Mission Statement 

Strasburg 31J will develop resourceful, responsible, and resilient engaged citizens who are empowered in a safe learning environment for all to achieve their full potential in an evolving world.


Ensure a balanced budget that supports academic excellence and expands resources for students and staff.

Ensure academic success for all students.

Ensure opportunities to explore a variety of experiences/interests that will create well rounded individuals.

Ensure an environment of both physical safety/security and emotional wellbeing for all students and staff.



Next BOE Meetings

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 6:00PM

Central Service
2102 Wagner Street
Strasburg, CO 80136

Join Zoom Meeting 
Meeting ID: 980 5729 0855


Special Meeting

Friday, April 19, 2024 9:30AM

Central Service
2102 Wagner Street
Strasburg, CO 80136

Join Zoom Meeting 
Meeting ID: 980 5729 0855


Work Session

Friday, April 19, 2024 8:30AM

Central Service
2102 Wagner Street
Strasburg, CO 80136

Join Zoom Meeting 
Meeting ID: 980 5729 0855

Please note: We will turn closed captioning on for each Zoom meeting in the event the audio is an issue. Please go to closed captioning on your end and "unhide" it if you would like to be able to see the transcript. 

Meeting Schedule 2023-2024

Unless otherwise specified, Board Meetings with occur the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Work Sessions occur the Friday of the week following the Board Meeting. Special meetings will occur as needed.


8/8/2023 6:00PM Board Meeting & All Staff Kickoff 7:00AM

8/12/2023 7:00AM Hometown Days 

8/18/2023 9:00AM Work Session


9/12/2023 6:00PM Board Meeting

9/22/2023 9:00AM Work Session


10/10/2023 8:00AM Special Meeting 

10/17/2023 6:00PM Board Meeting

10/18/2023 6:00PM Meet the Candidates Night 

10/27/2023 9:00AM Work Session 

10/27/2023 Time TBD. Northern Arapaho Nation event


11/14/2023 6:00PM Board Meeting

11/17/2023 9:00AM Work Session  


12/6-12/9/2023 CASB Annual Convention (to include a work session)

12/12/2023 6:30PM Board Meeting


1/9/2024 6:00PM Board Meeting

1/19/2024 8:00AM Work Session (all day; Colorado Space & Air)


2/5/2024 6:00PM District 4-Day Calendar Meeting (SES)

2/13/2024 6:00PM Board Meeting

2/23/2024 9:00AM Work Session 


3/4/2024 6:00PM Special Meeting followed by 2 Executive Sessions

3/12/2024 6:00PM Board Meeting

3/14/2024 9:30AM Special Meeting (Zoom Only)

3/28/2024 5:00 Adams County Planning Planning Meeting (Adams County Government Center: Study Session Room)

3/29/2024 9:00AM Work Session


4/9/2024 6:00PM Board Meeting

4/19/2024 9:00AM Work Session & Special Meeting 


5/14/2024 6:00PM Board Meeting

5/15/2024 6:00PM HMS Promotion Ceremony (@ SHS Gym)

5/15/2024 1:00PM Staff Appreciation BBQ

5/15/2024 8th Grade Continuation

5/18/2024 PCHS Graduation

5/19/2024 SHS Graduation 

5/24/2024 9:00AM Work Session


6/11/2024 6:00PM Board Meeting

6/28/2024 9:00AM Work Session

Delegate Representatives: 

Legislative: Diana Elliott (primary)

CASB: Diana Elliott (primary) Mary O’Malley (secondary)

DAC: Lindsay Armstrong (primary) Mary O’Malley (secondary)

ECBOCES: Diana Elliott (primary) Julie Winter (secondary)

Chamber of Commerce: Michael Marrero (primary) Diana Elliott (secondary)

Construction: Daymon Johnson (primary)