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Strategic Plan

Strasburg Strategic Planning

Your participation in Strasburg’s strategic planning process will help the school district improve student outcomes, allocate precious resources, and strengthen our community

The planning will be community-driven in order to ensure that our plans are aligned with the needs and priorities of the Strasburg community, while meeting our students’ learning needs.

There are many ways to get involved in the strategic planning process, from attending community meetings to participating in surveys and focus groups. EVERYONE is encouraged to share your feedback through our community-wide survey that is now open!



Strategic Plan Mission:

To empower our community to chart a path to the future that will accelerate the process of change so that all of Strasburg’s children will develop into responsible and productive members of society, who are empowered to achieve their full potential.

Strategic Plan Vision:

Create a thriving Strasburg community through a collective roadmap that ensures the next generation of leaders and citizens educated through the Strasburg School District graduate prepared to succeed in life.

Community Engagement:

Click the Community Engagement Report to the right (below on mobile) to see what we learned from reaching out to the community!  This feedback will be central to the work of the Strategic Planning Committee and will help them develop a plan that reflects the needs and priorities of the Strasburg 31J community.

First page of the PDF file: Engagement Report




Project Plan

Date Topic Deliverable

May 2023


Interest Survey

Aug 2023


Community Survey

Sep 2023


Focus Groups

Sep 2023


Engagement Report

Nov 2023

Strategic Direction

Dec 2023


Champion Team planning

Mar 2024


Strategic Plan


Our Progress:

The Strasburg S will fill up as we get things done.  Check back to see how far we have moved towards our goals!
Strasburg S filled 66 Percent





timeline Strategic Planning Process_Strasburg




Q: What is a school district community-driven strategic planning process?

A: A strategic plan is a roadmap to the district’s future. A strategic planning process is a systematic approach used by school districts to identify priorities, set goals, and determine how to allocate resources to achieve those goals over the next several years. 

Q: Who participates in the strategic planning process?

A: The strategic planning process involves a diverse group of stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, families, students, and community members.

Q: Why is it important for stakeholders to participate in the community-driven strategic planning process?

A: Stakeholders should participate in the strategic planning process to ensure that the resulting plan reflects the needs and priorities of the community. By involving stakeholders, the plan is more likely to be effective and successful.

Q: What are the benefits of having a community-driven strategic planning process?

A: The benefits of a community-driven strategic planning process include improved student outcomes, accountability, community engagement, resource allocation, and long-term planning. In fact, the very future of Strasburg depends on how well we educate our next generation of leaders and contributors.

Q: What are some common components of a strategic plan?

A: Some common components of a strategic plan include a mission statement, goals and objectives, action steps, timelines, and measures of success.

Q: How is progress monitored and evaluated in the strategic plan?

A: Progress is monitored and evaluated through regular reporting and review of key performance indicators, such as student achievement, graduation rates, and attendance rates.