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Food Services

Important News: 


Please - Fill out your Free and Reduced Meal Forms! This is one of the ways the State determines how much it will subsidize our Food Services Program. There are many other benefits to this program too:

  1. Help for your family:  Besides free-or-reduced priced school meals, your family may qualify for:
    • Reduced school and activity fees
    • Medical benefits
    • Housing benefits
    • Utilities benefits
    • And more!
  2. Help for your school:  The more applications your school gathers at the start of each school year, the more additional funding they can receive for all kinds of programs that help children, families, teachers, administrators, - everyone.
  3. Fast and secure:  It takes just a few minutes to complete an online application.  What's more, your data is handled with strict protocols that ensure security and confidentiality.

So please, fill out your back-to-school 2022 - 2023 application by visiting: or Forms are at the bottom of this page.

Only one application per household is needed.

We appreciate your help in keeping our programs running

School Menu

February Lunch Calendar


March 2023 Menu

(!) Middle School and High School menus might be slightly different during the month of March.  Please check with those schools for more information.

School Menus are subject to change! Sometimes we have trouble getting a menu item from our distributor or a piece of cooking equipment fails. When we can't offer a meal as planned, we will adjust our meal. Please know that our highest priority is to serve the children a safe, high quality, appetizing meal. We will communicate with your student any changes, as soon as we can.

Meal Times

Breakfast Service Times: 

Strasburg Elementary School  7:40 AM - 7:55 AM
Hemphill Middle School  7:35 AM - 7:50 AM
Strasburg High School  7:40 AM - 7:55 AM


Lunch Service Times: 

Strasburg Elementary School  11:00 AM - 12:10PM
Hemphill Middle School  11:45AM - 1:15 PM
Strasburg High School  12:00PM - 12:30PM


Breakfast Prices:

Students $2.10
Adults $2.70

Lunch Prices:

Students: $3.00
Adults: $3.75
(Additional Milk or Juice is $0.40)

Katy Hickson

Katy Hickson

Food Service Director
Phone: (303) 622-9211 ext. 892
Fax: (303) 622-4891

Kelly Flowers

Kelly Flowers

Strasburg Elementary and High Schools
Food Service Lead Cook
Phone: (303) 622-9215 ext. 892
Fax: (303) 622-4891

Sara Foose

Sara Foose

Hemphill Middle School
Food Service Lead Cook
Phone: (303) 622-9213 ext. 705
Fax: (303) 622-2613

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
6:00am to 2:00pm

For staff forms, resources, and more, log into the:

Staff Intranet