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Strasburg School District 31J

Parent Volunteer Agreement

Defined as: parent volunteers who preform duties on behalf of the school or in other district facilities, primarily during the school day.

Important information regarding student confidentiality and consent to a background check is in the form below, so make sure to read the information carefully.


All fields must be completed for agreement to be processed and approved.

Contact Information:

Full Legal Name, Including Middle Name (please print)required
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Last Name
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Placement Information:

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By completing the information here and checking the box to sign below, you agree to the following:

To Maintain Student Confidentiality

As a Parent Volunteer assisting within the Strasburg School District, you have been authorized by the Principal or the Principal's designee to act as a school official subject to the direction and control of the school's administrators and teachers.

You understand and agree that your failure to maintain the confidentiality of all school and student information, along with any education records to which you are given access, may disqualify you from further services as a community volunteer in the district.

Code of Conduct

Volunteers shall act honestly and ethically while in the performance of their volunteer duties within Strasburg31J. Volunteers shall treat all students, employees, volunteers, and community members with respect, courtesy, and dignity. Volunteers shall not discriminate and shall be respectful of ethnic, national, and cultural differences. Volunteers are held to ethical standards as otherwise outlined in Strasburg 31J's Code of Conduct & are expected to exercise good judgment and maintain professional standards that include social & morally acceptable behavior.

Consent for a Background Check

The district may conduct a background check on volunteers who provide service at any district event and/or facility to include field trips.  By providing the information requested and signing below, you consent to the district conducting a background check and understand that the district reserves the right to decline the volunteer service of anyone.

Electronic Signaturerequired
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