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School Closure Procedure

In regards to impending weather related delays and/or closures we will face ahead, the district's practice around making the decisions can be found below.

Know that the role of Superintendent is to make all decisions in the best interest of ALL students and staff.  The decision process for weather related issues is rooted in:

· Policy - EBCE

· Temperature Assessment - Is it reasonable to expect students and staff to be in extreme temperatures

· Take into account safe transportation, recess, building infrastructure, weather projections and other factors

· Listen and assess information from authorities, agencies and bordering school districts

· Understand the geographical scope of student and staff populace – One area of the district may be very unsafe, while another area may be lightly impacted

· Aware of the current state of the facilities in the moment - Are we fully operational?

That is a lot to consider! When the decision to delay and/or close school is made, factual and up-to date school status notifications will be sent via text, phone and email using PowerSchool contact information. Please also see the Strasburg School District Facebook Page. We share this information as a proactive measure. Let us continue our partnership working WITH each other.

Dan Hoff
Superintendent of Schools Strasburg School District 31J
school bus in blizzard