6th Grade Syllabus

6th Grade Art Syllabus

Ms. Fisher


Welcome to 6th Grade Art. My name is Ms. Fisher and I look forward to being your Art Teacher. This class is a basic overview of how art is used in the world today. Some of the areas we will focus on is how your life influences your art; how to critique a piece of art to make it better; how art can have multiple purposes; experiment with different art mediums; and we will study different art periods and styles. You will also use a variety of supplies in both 2D & 3D artworks throughout the semester.


  • Students will learn how culture, history and personal outlook effect art.
  • Students will look at how art is used in the world today.
  • Students will learn how to critique art orally and written.
  • Students will learn how ancient societies and culture used art within their societies.
  • Students will learn about different art mediums and how to best utilize them.

Topics of Study:

  • The art process
  • Influences on artist – culture, art history, nature, personal beliefs & technology
  • Types of art careers
  • Critiquing art
  • Eco-art
  • Different art periods
  • Connections between visual arts and other disciplines

Participation: Students will receive 10 points every 5 days for participation. Students will lose points for lack of participation or inappropriate behavior in class.


  • Bell work will be 10 points each, with a total of 50 points every 5 days.
  • “Celebrating Your Failures” will be worth 10 points.
  • Projects will be worth between 20-30 points depending on difficulty level and will follow a basic rubric unless otherwise specified.

Supplies: See school supply list for misc. Spiral Bound unlined sketchbooks & all supplies – DUE by the 4th day of school


Office Hours: After school by appointment only - 3:30-4pm, Monday - Thursday

            Contact Information:

            Ms. Fisher 303.622.9213 ext.170      Email: AFisher@strasburg31j.com