7th & 8th Grade Syllabus

7th/8th Grade Art Syllabus

Ms. Fisher


Welcome to 7th/8th Grade Art. My name is Ms. Fisher and I look forward to being your Art Teacher. This is a beginning art class covering how art is used in the world today, different principles and elements in art and how to critique art to make it better. Students will also get to investigate, discuss personal & outside influences that effect artists and look at how art is used in the modern world.


  • Students will be exposed to a variety of art medias including acrylic, watercolor paints, oil and chalk pastels, color pencils, crayon, wire, paper mache, charcoal, drawing pencils, clay and technology.
  • Students will demonstrate how to apply the elements and principles of art to their artwork.
  • Students will learn how to plan, anticipate outcomes, demonstrate craftsmanship in works of art and explain the art making process.
  • Students will learn about how the world, culture, art history and personal beliefs influence of artist and art.
  • Students will learn to critique art in order to make it better and how to explain art using acceptable art vocabulary.
  • Students will learn to create art to solve problems, communicate or persuade/influence others.


Topics of Study:

Principles & Elements of art                              Critiques

Art related careers                                           Basic Sculpture

How art is used in advertisement                     Influences on artists

Different art periods and styles


Participation: Students receive up to 25 points every 5 days for participation. Students will lose 5 point for each of the following behaviors during one class period – lack of participation, inappropriate behavior in class, early clean up, tardiness, suspensions.


  • Bell work will be 10 points each, with a total of 50 points every 5 days.
  • “Celebrating Your Failures” will be worth 10 points.
  • Skill builders will be worth 10 points, Semi projects will be worth 30 points and Main projects will be worth between 30-60 points depending on difficulty level and will follow a basic rubric unless otherwise specified.

Supplies: See school supply list for misc. Spiral Bound unlined sketchbooks & all supplies – DUE by the 4th day of school


Office Hours: After school by appointment only - 3:30-4pm, Monday - Thursday

            Contact Information:

            Ms. Fisher 303.622.9213 ext.170      Email: AFisher@strasburg31j.com