SHS Art 1 Syllabus

Art 1 Syllabus

Ms. Fisher


Course Description: This is a beginning art class covering the basic concepts and disciplines found in visual arts. Students will work on their drawing skills; how to implement the elements and principles of art into their artwork; and how to apply different mediums.


Course Objectives:

-           Students will learn about and work with a variety of media including but not limited not charcoal, pencil, pastel, ink, paint, mixed media, sculpture materials and technology.

-           Students will learn about the different influences of art – world, culture, art history and personal beliefs.

-           Students will learn how to plan, anticipate outcomes, demonstrate craftsmanship in works of art and explain the art making process.

-           Students will learn about the elements and principles of art and how to apply them to their own artwork.

-           Students will increase their art vocabulary and learn steps for critiquing artwork in a constructive manner.

-           Students will start to develop their own style and voice with their artwork.

-           Students will work on developing a portfolio of individual artworks.


Units of Study: Units will consist of bell work (to enhance the unit), a plan, and multiple mini assignments and/or one larger assignment upon completion of unit. Students will follow up with a self-evaluation of each unit.


            Drawing – Students will learn the basics of drawing; lines, shading and


Painting – Students will learn the basics of color theory, how to use different kinds

of paint techniques.

Collage – Students will learn how to create an artwork using self-expression and

abstract ideas.

Printmaking – Students will learn the basics of printmaking with linoleum blocks,

carving, lines and texture.

Sculpture – Students will create a 3D form with sculpture materials utilizing space.

Art History – Students will research an artist of their choice, write a short paper

and create an artwork representing that artist.


Sketchbooks: Sketchbooks will also be utilized for planning artwork and practice sketches. Sketchbooks will be reviewed either daily or every 5 days for completed bell work.


Supplies: Spiral Bound unlined sketchbooks – DUE by the 4th day of school

            Pencils and erasers


Office Hours: 3:30-4pm

            Contact Information:

            Ms. Fisher 303.622.9213 ext.831      Email: