SHS Advanced Art Syllabus

Advanced Art Syllabus

Ms. Fisher


Course Description: In this class, students will be building on the basic skills learned in Art 1. Students will explore concepts and different mediums in a more sophisticated manner. They will learn how to constructively critique their own work, and begin developing their own styles and projects with basic guidelines from the teacher. There will be greater emphasis on developing their individual artistic voice and creating art with purposeful intent.


Course Objectives:

-           Students will begin to gain mastery over a variety of media including but not limited to charcoal, pencil, pastel, ink, paint, mixed media and sculpture materials.

-           Students will develop a plan and work towards the end product(s) for each unit

-           Students will increase their art vocabulary and learn steps for critiquing artwork in a constructive manner.

-           Students will start to develop their own style and voice with their artwork.

-           Students will work on developing a portfolio of individual artworks.


Units of Study: Units will consist of a plan, and multiple small assignments and/or one larger assignment upon completion of unit. Students will follow up with a self-evaluation of each unit. Students may work at their own pace but at least two units of study must be completed every quarter. There will be at least one class discussion/critique per quarter of an artwork of your choice from that quarter.

  • Examples of some units of study but are not limited to are: Artist Trading Cards, Self Portraits, Still Life, Sculptures, Landscapes, etc.


Grades: Projects and assignments will be graded with a rubric and/or self-assessment, value will depend on difficulty of project but generally will be worth 30-100 points.


Sketchbooks: Sketchbooks should be utilized inside and outside of class regularly and should show development of artistic skills. There will be various assignments and work sheets that will be required to be kept in their sketchbook. They will be reviewed at the end of each quarter for developing ideas and practice sketches. There should be at least one sketch or pertaining to each unit. They will be worth 50 points per quarter.


Plan Sheets: Each Unit will require a plan turned into Ms. Fisher in advance explaining the intentions of the student. It will be followed up with a self-evaluation to help the student understand the art process. These will be worth 20 points each.


Supplies: Spiral Bound unlined sketchbooks – DUE by the 4th day of school

            Pencils and erasers


Office Hours: 3:30-4pm

            Contact Information:

            Ms. Fisher 303.622.9213 ext.831      Email: