HMS Art Expectations & Procedures

Art Room Procedure

Hemphill Middle School


  1. Students should enter the room quietly, sit at their assigned seats and begin working on their bell work. Students not seated when the bell rings are considered tardy.


  1. The bell work will be posted on the board. The assignment should be completed in the student’s sketchbook.



  1. Students should bring their sketchbooks to every class or keep them in the class. Bell work assignments will be checked every 5 days for completion.


  1. Supplies will either be brought to the students by the teacher, or the teacher will release tables one at a time to go get their own supplies. Table assistants may also be utilized depending on the project and supplies needed.



  1. Artwork will be passed out by the teacher or table assistants.


  1. Students should be in their assigned sears during instruction and discussion time. Students will stay at their assigned seats when working unless permission by teacher to move.



  1. During studio time, students may quietly get up and get what they need. Getting supplies is not an excuse to talk with fellow classmates.


  1. Studio time is considered the part of the class without discussion or instruction. This is the time students can work on their projects.



  1. If students have questions, they are to raise their hand and the instructor will come to their seat or ask them to come to the desk.


  1. Paint brushes are to always be washed with cleaner and then placed in a used brush container with bristles pointed down. Paint trays should be covered with a lid or aluminum foil tightly to preserve the paint and labeled with your name and class period.



  1. Artwork that is wet from paint, glue, etc… will be put on the drying rack. Artwork that is dry and can be stacked will placed in the middle of the table for pick-up by the teacher or table assistant.


  1. The teacher will let the students know when it is time to clean up. This will usually be about 5-10 minutes before the bell depending on degree of clean up needed.



  1. The student’s area or table needs to be clean before the student’s table will be dismissed. Tables need to work as a team on clean-up.


  1. Students are to sit in their sears after clean-up and not congregate around the door until dismissed unless instructed otherwise by teacher.



  1. Students will be dismissed by the teacher and not by the bell.