Classroom Management

Welcome to the 6th grade.

Our policies for grading, attendance, dress code, and others are in the handbook that you received at orientation.  If for some reason you missed orientation, the handbook can be found online at  Please read and become familiar with the policies of Hemphill Middle School.

The district has adopted PowerSchool.  You will be able to make sure that your student has turned in all assignments, see his/her grades, and check attendance online at   You can receive your log-in information from our counselor, Miss Karagan.  She can be contacted at 303-622-9213 ext. 704 or

Below you will find what SPIRIT looks like in the 6th Grade.  Our classroom expectations are tied to the SPIRIT acronym.   Attached you will find a summary of our classroom management with the consequences and rewards.  The 6th Grade team expects great things from your students.  We are going to have an excellent year.  Thanks for all you do to help us.


SUCCESS—Do your BEST at all times.

PRIDE—Be proud of the way you behave and take ownership for your school and property.

INTEGRITY—Be honest, truthful, and take responsibility for your actions.

RESPECT—Consider the thoughts and feelings of others.

INSPIRE—Give help and encouragement.

TEAMWORK—Take turns.  Be fair.  Share.