Consequences & Rewards

Card of Responsibility

Students are given a "Card of Responsibility" each quarter for all classes.  This card contains five opportunities for students to use the restroom or go to his/her locker each quarter in all classes.  For every square not signed, the student will receive ONE extra credit point at the end of the quarter.   Students are not required to use the "Card" or marked tardy if they use the restroom between classes and they are a couple of minutes late.


Strikes are given for Inappropriate Behavior.

Strikes are recorded for each class period.  They are not combined.


Strike 3 consequences:

     -Lunch Detention

Strike 4 consequences:

    -Lunch Detention--Parent Notified


If the behavior continues he/she may be referred to Administration for disciplinary follow-up.

Some actions may be severe enough to require an office referral immediately.




—Tickets are randomly given  for having agendas signed.

—Tickets given randomly for completed assignments, positive behavior, or other good work.

— Students will be able to redeem the tickets for prizes or a variety of coupons.