Tests—I will always ask that chapter tests be signed by a parent so there are no surprises on your end.  This is considered extra credit and 5 extra credit points are given for retuning the test with a parent signature the next day.  If the signature is not brought back the next day the EC point value goes down 1 point each day that it is late.   We will have mid-chapter tests during the unit, but I, generally, will not have them signed.  I will give plenty of notice of an exam, your child should have it written in his/her agenda, and it will be posted on PowerSchool about a week in advance.  So you will know when they are and you can ask your student for the test results. 


Test CorrectionsI allow test corrections to be done.   All students may make corrections.The score DOES NOT need be low.  Corrections must be made on a separate sheet of paper, and stapled to the original test.  ALL WORK MUST BE SHOWN!!!   I will, always, set a day, after school, that I will be available to assist students with the errors that were made, but students do not have to attend this study session, they may complete their corrections at home and just turn them in along with the original test.  I will accept test corrections for 1 week after I return the test to the students.   After that the original grade stands.