In Math, we will revisit the use of the four operations--addition, subtraction, mutliplication, division--with whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. Students have received instruction in these areas previously, but we will expand this knowledge. We will, also, learn about Area, Perimeter, Circumference, Scientific Notation, Exponents, Probability, and Ratio.


It is essential that your student has a grasp of the basic facts, both addition and mulitiplication.  


Students should practice the basic addition and multiplication facts at least 10 minutes each night. The goal is that a student will be able to answer a minimum of 30 basic problems in a 60-second timing. Mastering the basic facts will assist your student in completing his/her homework. There will be about 20-30 problems of Math homework almost every night. The less time he/she has to think about an answer to a basic fact, the less time it will take to complete the assignment.

The curriculum that we are using makes online assignments available to students.  This a great benefit for student learning.  The online assignments offer IMMEDIATE feedback on the problems.  Students will know immediately if they are completing the assigned tasks correctly.  When the assignment is completed on paper, students can complete the entire page incorrectly and now know for a day or two.    There is, also, help available and examples of how to solve the problems if the students run into difficulty while working.