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SECTION I - Instruction

IA - Instructional Goals and Learning Objectives

IC-ICA - School Year/School Calendar/Instruction Time

IGA - Curriculum Development

IGD - Curriculum Adoption

IGF - Curriculum Review

IHACA - Law-Related Education

IHAE - Physical Education

IHAK - Character Education

IHAM - Health Education

IHAMA - Teaching about Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

IHAMB - Family Life/Sex Education

IHAMC - HIV/AIDS Education

IHAMC-R HIV/AIDS Education Regulation

IHBA - Special Education Programs for Students with Disabilities

IHBB - Gifted and Talented Education

IHBD - Equivalence of Services

IHBEA - English Language Learners

IHBF - Homebound Instruction

IHBG - Home Schooling

IHBIB - Primary/Preprimary Education

IHBIB-R - Primary/Preprimary Education Regulation

IHBK - Preparation for Postsecondary and Workforce Success

IHBK-Regulation - Preparation for Postsecondary and Workforce Success

IHCDA - Concurrent Enrollment

IHCDA-R - Concurrent Enrollment - Regulation

IJ - Instructional Resources and Materials

IJJ - Textbook Selection and Adoption

IJK - Supplementary Materials Selection and Adoption

IJL - Library Materials Selection and Adoption

IJNDA - Online Instruction

IJNDAB - Instruction Through Supplemental Online Courses

IJNDB - School Web Site Publishing

IJOA - Field Trips

IJOA-R - Field Trips Regulation

IK - Academic Achievement

IKA - Grading Assessment Systems

IKAB - Report Cards/Progress Reports

IKA-R - Grading/Assessment Systems Regulation

IKE - Ensuring All Students Meet Standards

IKF - Graduation Requirements

IKF-Exhibit - Graduation Requirements 

IL - Evaluation of Instructional Programs

ILBA - District Program Assessments

ILBB - State Program Assessments

ILBC - Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension

ILBC-R - Early Literacy and Reading Comprehension 

IMA - Teaching Methods

IMB - Teaching about Controversial Issues & Use of Controversial Materials 

IMBB - Exemptions From Required Instruction

IMDA - Patriotic Exercises

IMDB - Flag Displays

IML - Classroom Safety Instruction