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Strasburg Strategic Planning
Mitchell Tandy

This week’s message is rooted in observational perspective. The ability to see the immediate activities occurring in the schools and the long term progress of our school district.

I absolutely love being in the schools. Each school carries an energy, an eclectic range of instruction, student determination with their immediate task, and staff that is putting into place so many engaging opportunities. Proud of our staff and what they bring to their schools and classrooms every single day. It is amazing to see on every single visit.

Over the next 4 days we will complete many athletic seasons with great success, hold two high school graduations, a number of grade level promotions, and other events that honor the diligence of our students. These events have great emotional impact as a student, staff member, parent, guardian, grandparent, and others. They are memory markers during the life journey. Enjoy these immediate moments.

Over the long term, I see a great deal of progress over the past year in our school district. The new sidewalks that connect our K12 schools is a game changer. It provides access to all schools without having to walk on busy roads absent of sidewalks. The staff being risk-takers by trying a few new instructional strategies is a forward thinking mindset. A mindset practice that will enhance each student’s outcomes. The construction projects have created a new physical environment for both social and intellectual development. The extreme weather conditions, looking through rose colored glasses, have produced numerous opportunities to be adaptive and innovative. Witnessed so many people rally to support schools no matter the time, day, weather or issue at hand.

We are all moving forward with purposeful intent to produce impactful outcomes. I commit to keeping things “scratchy”. Not comfortable, not aching, just irritating enough to remain scratchy with the continuous improvement of a school district. We will be vigilant with efforts at getting better in service to every student. This school year, version 1.0 of our work together, has been a blessing. Proud of the work and partnership that has occurred to date. Many plans are in place for next year’s version 2.0!

Please remember about the Community-Driven Strategic Plan Interest Survey available on our website. A link will pop up on the district webpage and a section of the website is dedicated to charting our progress forward…TOGETHER! Survey Link and CDSP Progress Paper versions of the survey are available (attached) for pickup or dropoff at 2102 Wagner Street. Get involved and put your voice into the process!

Dan Hoff Superintendent Strasburg School District 31J

leadership profile survey
Mitchell Tandy

As teacher appreciation week comes to a close, it is clearly evident just how special the staff is at each of our schools. The rain did nothing to damper the spirit of the staff in the buildings!

Thank you to all of the parents, guardians, businesses, and others that provided gifts, coffee, and donations this week. Certainly a very humbling week to witness from my professional lens.

Community-Driven Strategic Plan Interest Survey will go out as early as Monday morning. A link will pop up on the district webpage and a section of the website will be dedicated to charting our progress forward…TOGETHER!

Was fortunate to work the home track meet this past Monday. We have some truly gifted athletes. So impressed by the students who participated and supported events. We have great kids in this community. Very kind and supportive of each other.

Have to call out the excellence displayed by our Facilities and Maintenance team. The entire team worked so hard to get our schools open after the hail storm. Yes, we are collecting drips in some locations, yet the schools had been mitigated immensely overnight. Not perfect. Still not perfect. What that team pulled off was beyond expectations. I have no doubt that the remaining issues will be remedied when this rain subsides!

Principal/Leadership Profile questionnaire has been sent out to students and staff. Deep appreciation for the students and staff that sat with me and completed the form on Wednesday. It was enlightening to sit in the HS commons and to hear student voice. Each one articulated exactly what they want in their next principal. The input provided is utilized to frame questions for the future interview process. The form is still available here. Principal/Leadership Profile

As the school year comes to a close, please update your PowerSchool contact information here This will ensure that you receive information in a timely manner over the summer months.

Dan Hoff Superintendent Strasburg School District 31J

teacher appreciation week
Mitchell Tandy

Hello Strasburg Community,

It is Cinco de Mayo! Perhaps an opportunity to look into the history, culture, and meaning behind this annual recognition. Always good to learn from others AND understand their background. Continuing to educate ourselves with a wider lens of perspective makes our community stronger. Next week is TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK! There will be all kinds of recognitions that honor their work WITH your child(ren). Please consider sending a thank you to the teacher(s), volunteering at the schools, completing a gratitude form or any other type of action to celebrate!

Please make sure to check out all of the events and celebrations coming forward! Check school websites for up to date information! Dan Hoff Superintendent Strasburg School District 31J